We have been giving high-quality comfort and rest for 15 years!

The production of Nega orthopaedic mattresses, which are an excellent prevention and component of the complex treatment of spinal diseases and sleep disorders, has been carried out since 2001.

Nega mattresses are made in Russia with the highest quality control at every stage of production from high-quality materials that have all the necessary documents confirming their quality and safety.

Manufacturing technologies of NEGA mattresses are developed following the State Standard of the Russian Federation 1991-93 "Furniture for Seating and Lying" and taking into account the state-of-the-art developments and medical research. The production is carried out with the use of state-of-the-art equipment of European origin.



Modern technologies

When producing orthopaedic mattresses, we use the most modern developments taking into account the latest research in the field of somnology (study of sleep), neurophysiology and neurosurgery, as well as individual needs of people of different ages and bodily constitutions.

Buying a mattress of the Nega brand, you can be sure not only of its environmental friendliness but also of its undoubted health benefits, which was confirmed by clinical tests at the Neurological Department of the State Clinical Hospital No. 40 (Ekaterinburg) in 2007 and Sleep Study Laboratory of the Institute for Clinical Brain Research (Ekaterinburg) in 2008. View certificates.

Spring systems

Orthopaedic mattresses use systems of independent springs; in such systems, each spring is sewn into a separate cover and does not come into contact with neighbouring ones. Thanks to this, the design completely prevents any vibrations, therefore, the load is distributed evenly on the sleeper's body. In addition, this system prevents noise and creaking. Nega mattresses use units of independent springs created in-house. The density of the units is 256 springs/sq.m with a wire diameter of 1.8 mm. This is a fairly high indicator since most mattresses available on the market use units with a density of 180 springs/sq.m.


Full production cycle

One of the advantages of our company is the full production cycle of manufacturing mattresses within one enterprise. The mattress production workshop includes nine production sites: from the assembly of independent spring units to pre-sale preparation and packaging.

At each stage, the products undergo mandatory quality control through visual inspection and instrumental control. If any defect is detected, the semi-finished products do not move to the next stage. Each item has its own production control certificate. The production staff is financially liable for the quality of products, i.e. if a defect is found, the responsible employees compensate for the expenses of its elimination starting from the stage at which the defect has been detected.

The company is constantly taking measures to optimize production and improve the quality of its products. The company owns the most modern high-tech equipment, of European origin mainly, which is operated by highly qualified employees. Most of the employees are experienced and competent workers with significant experience in production.


Nega mattresses are made with the use of special edging equipment using a coverless technology, i.e., these mattresses do not have a traditional removable cover with a zipper. Experience has shown that after dry cleaning or washing, covers often shrink and can no longer be put on the mattress. Moreover, since the cover is not attached to the mattress, it gets out of shape and slips down. Because of this, the world practice of mattress production has long moved away from the use of the cover technology, and our company follows this trend.

For today, a one-piece mattress without a removable cover testifies to the professionalism of the manufacturer. The use of this technology confirms that the mattress is manufactured in industrial conditions at an enterprise with professional equipment and a strict quality control system at each production site.

Only high-quality durable fabrics capable of withstanding heavy loads are used for coating.

In the production of Nega brand mattresses, we use upholstery fabrics of European origin (Belgium): mixed jacquard, double cotton jacquard, cotton knitted fabric. The coating fabrics are treated with special anti-allergenic compositions and agents that prevent the appearance of dust and moisture absorption.


Classic technology

In the production of Nega mattresses, we use the classic technology of individual assembly and binding of mattresses. Non-woven filler materials are fixed on quilting machines using multi-needle deep stitch technologies. The insulating materials are attached using Belgian-made adhesive materials. These materials have the highest level of environmental safety: 100% evaporation during glueing, which occurs due to the attaching of surfaces to each other.


Nega mattresses are made using a coverless technology, i.e. they do not have a removable cover with a zipper. It would seem easy to remove the cover, wash it and put it on again, but this is a common misconception. After washing or dry cleaning, the cover will shrink and can no longer be put on the mattress.




Nega mattresses ensure the quality and comfort of your sleep, thanks to careful production, high-quality materials and many years of experience.

If you would like to find out any further information or ask a question, please do not hesitate to contact our consults by phone at +7 (343) 305-20-00